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grade for 2018-19 school year
Format: 04/22/2018
all campers will receive a reversible mesh jersey so please enter shirt size for camper (Y=youth, A=adult)


(Including General Release and Covenant Not to Sue)

Waiver: My child has permission to attend the 2018 CPBYL Camps. I know of no physical impairment that will affect or be affected by the clinic. I acknowledge that the clinic my child will participate in is a sport that will involve contact and he/she may risk injury. I specifically waive and release the BMG Sports, LLC, its employees, and staff, Sycamore Community Schools, its employees, and the camp coaching staff from liability or any claims for injuries which my child may sustain at the camp. I also authorize the coaches of the 2018 CPYBL Camps to act for me according to their best judgment in an emergency requiring medical attention.

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